Monday, 30 September 2013

Well no-one told me this bit....

So, you spend your life going through education, college, uni come out with some top qualifications to get a good job...ahh haa right! Oh plus you get into loads of debt in the process...hey ho, ok yes, I had an absolute hoot at uni, by far some of the best years of my life...but what happens when you have a family...hmmmm bugger, that bit doesn't quite work does it..?

I was never particularly maternal and my mother had concluded she wouldn't be a Nanny as both me & my sis were super career focussed. That was until I met the love of my life ( I shall write about that love story soon, it is an absolute corker!) and then nature takes over. You just have a 'need to breed' and mix those fab genes together to see what pops out, (i use the term 'pop' quite loosely!) And needless to say I'm extremely pleased we did as they are two little gems. But, and it's a biggy, what do I do with my career....? Now, yes for some people this works & it has to. I get that. I did it for a while & whilst pregnant with my second, but with my type of job, involving long hours and travel it wasn't going to work. Especially as hubby works 13 hrs a day in the city and we have no other family around. My job was also quite specialised in big companies so really only city based... so I really am stumped. Have the last 15 years of experience really been a waste if I'd know how tricky it is juggling work & family? 'RETRAIN' I hear you shouting! Hmm I hear you. I do, but how & when. I must say I have huge respect for Mum;s all working and not. neither is particularly easy in my experience. The lack of sleep and guilt alone is enough to send you crackers.

Ok right, quit your whinging Tills, I know it is a bore, but googling jobs for 'Stay at home Mum's' looks like I'm in for a life of telesales, stuffing bags or being an Avon lady! Really? Is that it? Did i get in £10k worth of debt and work for 15 years to go back to job that I could have done at college? Sure its work, but I can't say it was something I've aspired to be..? So, answers on a postcard....if the writing bit pays off..then result!

Don't get me wrong I want to be at home with my children, it's super important & i do love it, but my brain needs to be put to good use and I miss being with grown ups! And what with all this technology, surely there has to be something? But I knew, when my onion slicer arrived from Amazon & I got excited about how efficient my onion chopping skills would become,  things needed to change!

Any ideas peeps?

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