Monday, 30 September 2013

Hi There to anyone who maybe listening....? I do wonder as I am new to blogging and I really haven't a clue! To put it bluntly, my first attempt trying to blog on Tumblr ended up with nearly following a lady with a willy in each hand! Hmmmm I hear u say... But I tried to join " Mum" communities and it came up! So, as you can probably imagine I am a little wary of this stuff! Still, we must crack on!

Ok, so why am I on here... Well, having been a career women for 15 years we decided to have a family and I am a stay home mum of two gorgeous young boys! Whilst I love being there for them and it is our choices have up work I do miss the old me a bit!

So, this brings me to what next.....? I can't work, ( although I do 24/7 365)  but I want to keep my brain in use... So I thought I'd give this writing malarkey a go and see where it takes me! You never know. I have always liked a good natter. I guess it'll just be with myself for a bit until people follow. Or not. We shall see.

I will start writing regularly on life as a 'Professional Mum', (weeeeelll I am an expert in it now aren't I? As good as any I guess. ) and some of the sometimes funny, rather challenging and surprising moments that crop up most weeks. it would be great to here your view too, nice ones though please, ESP. As I'm a newbie at this!

Will write soon and I hope you enjoy it!


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